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A story of wine, storage and glean love

GleanSLO had a need, we were really in a pinch. Homeless, you might say…

In August, we discovered that our comfortable storage space in the city of SLO (our central hub housing all gleaning supplies and equipment) was to be sold and we needed to find a new space pronto, before Oct. 1st. We panicked for a brief second. Then we remembered that we are a part of a community that loves all things gleaning. So we shouted our need from the rooftops, the social media mountains and the newsletter outlets. And the most amazing thing happened.


Winemaker Pat Muran, President Andy Niner, Winemakers Pat Martinez and Molly Bohlman and GleanSLO Program Manager Jen Miller.

Andy Niner of Niner Wine Estates called and offered to have a Mystery Wine Sale to benefit GleanSLO. He basically gleaned some of his older vintages to make room for newer vintages, sold the Mystery Wine cases (which were a combo of delish older and newer vintages) and gave 100% of the proceeds to GleanSLO to purchase storage space and supplies. The check totaled $6,300! It was like the gleaning gods were all singing in harmony, shining a little light upon us!

There was only one problem.

We had money for a shed, but no property to put it on.

So Andy Niner called his friend over at Meathead Movers. “Hi Aaron. There’s an organization, GleanSLO – from the Food Bank – that needs your help renting storage space. If you can donate a portion of the rent, I’ll fit the bill.” DONE. Meathead Movers donated a space big enough for all of GleanSLO’s equipment with room to grow.

We literally jumped for joy. A lot. (A very excited, and somewhat embarrassing, jumping Jeanine and Jen video: IMG_6989)

This story is worth telling because it reminds us that GleanSLO is a program of the community, for the community, by the community. We recognize that we are blessed to live in a region of such abundance and it is our responsibility to do good with the resources we’ve been given. When the community has a need, we come together to meet the challenge. It doesn’t take much to move mountains! Please help us support our sponsors, Meathead Movers and Niner Wine Estates. Be good to those that keep programs like GleanSLO going strong!



Local Business Promega Biosciences gets Creative with Produce!

In 2013 Promega Biosciences Inc. of San Luis Obispo held their first Produce Swap! Employees brought in their homegrown produce, nuts, eggs and canned goods to trade or ‘purchase.’ The money from the ‘purchases’ were collected, matched by PBI and donated to GleanSLO at the end of the season. The total of their donation was $446! Thanks for your innovative model to keep our community healthy and thriving!

Pictured here: Dave Good, Jeanine Lacore, Lizz Mahoney and Corey Meek. Photo credit: Carolyn Eicher

Congratulations and thank you to Nancy and Brandon!

A big thank you to Nancy and Brandon, recently married, for their donations to GleanSLO! They chose three non-profits that their friends could donate to in lieu of wedding gifts. With the funds that their guests provided, the GleanSLO team was able to purchase much-needed harvest bags and pruners.

Farm Supply Marketing Manager Cara Crye, met the newlyweds when they were selecting the items for donations, and posted this great photo of them on the Farm Supply Facebook page.

GleanSLO is grateful to work with the community and receive donations from people who are looking for alternative ways for friends to give, whether it be in lieu of wedding gifts, for birthdays, or holiday gifts. Please contact either Jen or Jeanine at: or to discuss any ideas you may have. We love our community!

Nancy Brandon

New!!! GleanSLO’s Garden Signs for Homeowners!

Announcing our new GleanSLO
Home Garden Signs!
Thank you to 14 year old Sienna and her family, for designing, creating and donating 100 garden signs for homeowners who will contribute 150 pounds (or more) of produce from their home garden to GleanSLO!! The signs will be loaned to the homeowners to place in their front yard for the season they make a contribution, hoping it helps spread the word about our program, and that we happily receive homegrown produce.
Sienna with oranges

 Pictured: Sienna who designed and created the GleanSLO signs.

garden sign photo   Photo: Sienna’s garden signs.

We’d also like to thank homeowner Barbara Wolcott who called the Food Bank and invited GleanSLO to harvest her backyard orange tree. Barbara was happy to have the first garden sign from Sienna featured on her front lawn!

Orange tree with Barbara Wolcott

Pictured here: Homeowner Barbara Wolcott. Photo: Carolyn Eicher

Tutti Frutti Farms and Veggie Rescue to the rescue!

A HUGE thank you to Tutti Frutti Farms who donated heirloom tomatoes to Santa Ynez’s Veggie Rescue  and who then turned around and donated 2,269 pounds of what they received to us. And Veggie Rescue even drove the donation and delivered to our Oceano Food Bank warehouse in their wonderful van!

Jeanine Lacore and Carolyn Eicher, GleanSLO Coordinators, had the opportunity to meet Terry Delaney from Veggie Rescue when we attended a gleaning conference in San Jose this year.

This work is all about community and helping each other!

We just got notice that there is another state-wide gleaning conference to be held in November 2013, and we look forward to more connections to be made and friendships formed. We love this work!Veggi Rescue tomato collage



We have new harvest equipment!

GleanSLO received a private donation to help purchase much needed harvest equipment so we recently bought 3 more harvest bags and 4 orchard ladders. Farm Supply Company donated these two harvest containers with our purchase which will be perfect for harvesting fragile fruit. Stone fruit season is here, and we are capturing as much as we can!

Thank you to our private donor, and to Farm Supply!

carolyn andy farm supply collage

a little thanks go a long way.

We are so touched when people thank us for the work we are doing at GleanSLO. One student from a local elementary school sent this collage along with a thank you note. This was such a creative way to thank us and we just had to share it with our community!

Jack's collage

This student not only shared with his school community the work of GleanSLO, but he encouraged families to attend a fundraiser that we were co-sponsoring. He also asked for food donations, and cash donations. Each person we work with helps spread the word in their own way about our work, and the need to help feed people in our community. We are so grateful for this student, and everyone who has volunteered with GleanSLO!

GleanSLO Program Manager, Carolyn Eicher

Etna Interactive Fundraiser!!

Etna barbcue collage largePhotos: Carolyn Eicher

Thank you to Etna Interactive for hosting the Hunger Awareness Day barbecue to raise funds for the Food Bank and GleanSLO!

Musician Louie Ortega entertained the crowd, SLO Brew shared their barbecue, Ryan Miller (Etna Interactive President) helped cook the burgers, and Bunryon Brothers Tree Service donated the oak wood.

The Etna Interactive’s Community Action Committee made up of Jimmy apRoberts, Colby Courter, Jenna Mitchell, Coral Bowers, and Michelle O’hara, planned this awesome event for their employees and invited neighboring businesses.

Thank you to all who were involved and donated $850!