New!!! GleanSLO’s Garden Signs for Homeowners!

Announcing our new GleanSLO
Home Garden Signs!
Thank you to 14 year old Sienna and her family, for designing, creating and donating 100 garden signs for homeowners who will contribute 150 pounds (or more) of produce from their home garden to GleanSLO!! The signs will be loaned to the homeowners to place in their front yard for the season they make a contribution, hoping it helps spread the word about our program, and that we happily receive homegrown produce.
Sienna with oranges

 Pictured: Sienna who designed and created the GleanSLO signs.

garden sign photo   Photo: Sienna’s garden signs.

We’d also like to thank homeowner Barbara Wolcott who called the Food Bank and invited GleanSLO to harvest her backyard orange tree. Barbara was happy to have the first garden sign from Sienna featured on her front lawn!

Orange tree with Barbara Wolcott

Pictured here: Homeowner Barbara Wolcott. Photo: Carolyn Eicher