GleanSLO recently harvested sweet corn for the first time in our history thanks to the generosity of farmer, Steve Lechuga!  Steve has a field in Tempelton and sells his sweet corn around the county at various Farmers’ Markets.  He knew about GleanSLO because of our weekly Templeton Farmers’ Market Produce Collections.  We were lucky enough to get a crew of 6 volunteers out in his field early Tuesday morning to help pick 1728 pounds of sugar pearl sweet corn!  Everyone agreed after a taste-test right there in the field that it was the best corn they’ve ever tasted.  We are so grateful that we could drop this delicious corn off at the Paso and Oceano warehouses to be distributed to those community members in need.  Thank you Steve Lechuga, our volunteers from the Templeton Farmers’ Market Collection and our hard working gleaners!

CIMG0110 CIMG0112 CIMG0116 CIMG0118Photos: Jeanine Lacore