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SLO Creek Farms, first GleanSLO partner

Interview with Robyn Gable of SLO Creek Farms, by Carolyn Eicher

“Working with GleanSLO was one of the best decisions we’ve made.” ~Robyn Gable

2015 will mark the 5th anniversary of working with SLO Creek Farms. GleanSLO has had the privilege to work with the Gable family (Blythe, Robyn, Ashley, Brandon, Taysia) over these years. They are generous, open and always willing to support our work. GleanSLO is happy to partner with SLO Creek Farms!

Robyn and Blythe Gable at the farmers' market.

Robyn and Blythe Gable at the farmers’ market.

Robyn’s interview:

“Blythe and I were raised and met in Simi Valley, California. We moved to Las Vegas in 1973, got married and raised our family there. We had a thriving construction company and would occasionally come to San Luis Obispo to visit.  We loved the area, and eventually bought our apple orchard approximately 14 years ago. We leased it back to John DeVincenzo, until he passed away 5 years ago.”

“At that time, we decided to open up the farm as a U-Pick, so people could come enjoy the orchard. The previous accounts John had with produce buyers were not available to us, and we had an abundance of apples that we did not know what to do with. We decided to call the food bank to see if they would be interested in a large donation of apples.  GleanSLO  came out with some volunteers and harvested an abundance of apples. That was the beginning of our continuing relationship. That was the one of the best decisions we made, teaming up with the most amazing organization, workers and volunteers.  We are very thankful for the food bank and all the great work they do.”

“One of the things I really admire about GleanSLO is how innovative they are in figuring out different ways to get harvested food to the people in need. I recently heard about the farmers market they set up for people to come and shop for what they need for their families at no cost. They are very passionate about what they do and how they can get more fresh produce to less fortunate families.”

Donating Greens

In this season of giving, we look to you, our friends to help us through the next year of harvesting nature’s bounty…

Gleaning is a viable part of the solution to hunger. 

Thank you for being part of the change!

Photo credit: Carolyn Eicher

Photo credit: Carolyn Eicher

GleanSLO is a volunteer powered program of the Food Bank, harvesting and sharing food for the benefit of our community. Since our modest roots in 2010, we’ve harvested 559,000 pounds of fresh, local produce for families and individuals in need.

What can you get for one dollar at GleanSLO? Every dollar you donate equals roughly 14 pounds of healthy produce for families and individuals from the Food Bank. How about that bin of fresh apples in the photo below… equivalent to a donation of $50! Thinking of something a little bigger? A donation of $1,250 would equal an entire truckload of produce for those in need.

GleanSLO uses existing Food Bank resources and overwhelming volunteer support to minimize overhead and leverage donations to have the greatest impact possible.

15347978341_e6a44e37fe_kReady to help? Follow the link to make a secure online donation to support GleanSLO’s work.

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Checks can be made out to the Food Bank Coalition of SLO County (GleanSLO in the memo) and mailed to:

Food Bank Coalition of SLO County

P.O. Box 2070

Paso Robles, CA 93447