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Congratulations to the new GleanSLO Harvest Leaders!

Neighborhood Harvest Leaders participated in a comprehensive training in February. These Leaders are safety certified and ready to go forth and glean their neighborhood’s trees!
Katy Budge, Deborah Berger, Mike Constable, Lynn Cullen, Emily Francis, Heidi Harmon, Finn Israel, Lucy Israel, Vince Petrie, Ina-Yoko Teutenberg, Sharon Turner, Wendy Tyree

Meet Chris Aho!

The Full Circle of GleanSLO produce

By Chris Aho, GleanSLO Steering Committee member
& Director of Community Relations-Food Bank Coalition SLO County

I love gleaning… the concept, the actual work, and the great resulting benefits to the community. I’ve always disliked all the waste that occurs in our society (in the midst of real need), and so the concept of GleanSLO was an automatic winner in my book. Having been involved with the Steering Committee from early on in 2010 (even before it became a Food Bank program), I also got to feel personally how fun and healthy it is to volunteer in the fields and orchards. But as a Food Bank staff person, I am only now finally seeing just what an amazing benefit it is to our community. To see how the fresh local produce goes to kids lunches, or senior meals, or filling up wonderful boxes that are distributed to the needy, I can now see the full circle of GleanSLO. So I pick the apple, box it, and drive the truck to the Food Bank as a volunteer. And then as a staff member I also get to see the kids and adults eating or happily receiving the thing that I just hand picked.

I hope everyone that volunteers for GleanSLO can have an opportunity sometime to see a distribution or kids lunch. If so, just let me know and I’ll even arrange it!

SLO Fruit Drive – Rescuing Falling Fruit for the Hungry

Fruit Drive – ONE City – ONE Day

GleanSLO is holding its second annual city-wide Fruit Drive in San Luis Obispo on Saturday, March 8th. For this one day event, we have an army of volunteers poised to capture all the excess citrus that’s falling from neighborhood trees across the city of San Luis Obispo. With your help spreading the word, the SLO Fruit Drive will raise awareness for the work of GleanSLO and our efforts to harvest produce that would otherwise go to waste and donate to our neighbors in need.

Want to help?

Talk to your neighbors with fruit on their trees! Ask if they are interested in donating their excess to a hungry, grateful home. Here’s how to donate:

1. Drop off picked fruit at our donation site March 8th from 9am-1pm at Unitarian Universalist Fellowship parking lot: 2201 Lawton Ave. SLO, across from Meadow Park.

2. Arrange for GleanSLO volunteers to pick up or harvest your excess fruit at your home by registering your home on GleanSLO’s website. 

For more information, contact Jeanine Lacore at or (805) 235-1180.

School Fruit Drives, featuring Evan Jenkins

Evan Jenkins, GleanSLO ambassador for student led fruit drives

Evan Jenkins, 6th grader at Teach Elementary, distributed paper bags with flyers announcing his Fruit Drive last month. Evan is collaborating with GleanSLO for the second year in a row to fulfill his Community Action Project. “We were thrilled to see so many bags on porches! Evan knocked on the door of those who had bags on their porches, introduced himself and thanked them.  Often people wanted to shake his hand and thank HIM! It was such a gratifying experience,” said Evan’s mom, Denise. “We met a gentleman who wrote a letter and invited us in. I’m including his wonderful letter. One woman had spotted us, ran out of her house and down the street after us!  She wanted to write a check to the Food Bank.”
Evan collected 124 pounds of citrus and some apples.  One person wanted a sign for their yard: “My Garden Feeds Hungry Families.”  He collected $70 for GleanSLO/FoodBank.

Evan with fruit 2

Evan’s collected fruit was distributed to the Salvation Army where it was gratefully enjoyed by local neighbors in need.

Frank's thank you letter

A letter from Evan’s neighbor. Feeling grateful to be a part of this community – for the volunteers, youth and seniors that are committed to giving back and strengthening the bonds that keep us strong as a community. And feeling grateful for the gift of food that keeps bringing us together and feeding our hungry neighbors!