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Congratulations and thank you to Nancy and Brandon!

A big thank you to Nancy and Brandon, recently married, for their donations to GleanSLO! They chose three non-profits that their friends could donate to in lieu of wedding gifts. With the funds that their guests provided, the GleanSLO team was able to purchase much-needed harvest bags and pruners.

Farm Supply Marketing Manager Cara Crye, met the newlyweds when they were selecting the items for donations, and posted this great photo of them on the Farm Supply Facebook page.

GleanSLO is grateful to work with the community and receive donations from people who are looking for alternative ways for friends to give, whether it be in lieu of wedding gifts, for birthdays, or holiday gifts. Please contact either Jen or Jeanine at: or to discuss any ideas you may have. We love our community!

Nancy Brandon

Back to Our Roots

Bev Aho, founding member of GleanSLO
“Funny but as a small child growing up in West Texas, I could never understand why food sat in fields until it stunk. So when GleanSLO was born, Chris Aho and I jumped right on it.”
“Sometimes I wish I lived in another nation where I could take advantage of making a HUGE difference in feeding this hungry world. But for now, I live in San Luis Obispo…. so what a perfect match: GleanSLO! I help people with too much food and zero man-power to make it happen. The farmers rest easier at night and the Food Bank has healthy food for those in need.”
“As a member of this community, I NEED to do my part and the Food Bank is a “no-brainer”.”
Bev See Canyon 2